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Marathon Training: The Essentials

Run with Ben running coaching - run coach blog - marathon runners on a road

Signed up to a Spring marathon? Or just curious about training for a marathon?

Find out what marathon training is all about, and some things to consider when taking the challenge on:

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2018 with Run with Ben

Run with Ben running coaching - run coach blog - a runner in Hackney Marshes, London

Thank you to everyone we've worked with in 2018!

It's been a great year and we've loved helping runners of all backgrounds and experiences achieve loads of running goals!

Check out the highlights:

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A Runner's Basic Guide To Stretching

Run with Ben running coaching - stretching - a runner doing a quad stretch

Stretching is probably one of the most debated and confusing topics in running.

This article gives you the clear basics, and some guidance of the role of stretching in your running:

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Are You Ready For Marathon Training?

Run with Ben running coaching - blogs - marathon training - a runner tying a shoelace

With the arrival of autumn comes race plans for potential Spring marathons. Whether it’s the London Marathon or the hundreds of other amazing events in the UK and further afield, now is the time to start getting ready.

Check out some things to consider when getting started:

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Creating The Running Habit - Why The Struggle Is Worth It

Run with Ben running coaching - blogs - a runner on a path with a field in the background

When starting to run for the very first time, it's rarely easy or enjoyable. So why bother?

Read on to discover more about habit forming, and why the struggle is worth it...

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The 5 Strength Training Exercises All Runners Should Be Doing

Run with Ben running coaching - blogs - strength training - a man doing a front plank

Strength training is often neglected in a runner's schedule, but it's just as important as the running.

If you're really stretched for time, check out the 5 key exercises to definitely make time for:

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How to Listen to Your Body in Training

Run with Ben running coaching - blogs - Ben running in Victoria Park

When it comes to running, the ability to listen to your body is critical – and it doesn’t come easy.

Check out the importance of awareness and some ways to integrate it into your training:

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5 Reasons To Choose the Run with Ben Zero-5k Coaching Package

Run with Ben running coaching - blogs - Zero-5k - Couch to 5k - two runners in Epping Forest

With the launch of the Run with Ben Zero-5k Coaching Package, check out five reasons why it might be for you if you’re looking to lace up and get running:

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